Fashion goes digital

If there’s something that I’m very thankful to the internet, it’s for fueling my interests to a fever pitch. As anyone with eyes could deduce, I’m quite the fashion enthusiast. I (or Bill Gates, rather) have mentioned in my earlier post that the internet has made the world smaller for us and thus making people with shared interests feel close together. Before the internet became mainstream, the fashion industry was something that only people in its inner sanctum enjoyed. It was an interest that was limited to people who can easily access the world of glitz and glamor (read: rich). What the internet did was somehow democratize fashion and opened its usually locked backstage doors to a broader style-savvy audience.

The early 2000s was the transitional period wherein fashion slowly made itself more accessible to the public. Among the pioneers of digitalizing the industry, I believe, is, launched in September of 2000, was the springboard of this fashion revolution. It is essentially an extension of Vogue magazine’s editorial authority, providing an all-around experience of the industry through news, trend reports,  and extensive runway coverage; this time in a digital format. The site would later on branch out in 2005 to now-defunct (merged with in an attempt to appeal to the male demographic. Similar sites followed, like and for instance, with the same promise of a peek into the world of La Mode. However, it was only until October 2008 that a Philippine-based website of the same format was launched. Like its predecessors, aims to give women (and certainly some men) a site that caters to their sartorial needs. (formerly (formerly

With this newfound accessibility to all things fashion, enthusiasts are now given the chance to be insiders. With the internet being an avenue for free hosting of social commentary, fashion forums and fashion blogging soon became popular. In line with this, online communities dedicated to dressing well (read: and The Fashion Spot) flourished. Blogs like The Fashionisto, Fashion Gone Rogue, Design Scene, Fashionologie, and Coutorture too became the go-to sites for more industry scoop. Aside from these, street style blogging (scouting and photographing “fashionable” people out and about in public) also took flight. Sites like Face HunterStreet Etiquette, and The Sartorialist give a different perspective of fashion, showing that everyday people can pull off great style.

What’s great about this sudden boom of fashion-related websites is that the typical fashionista’s desire to know more about trends and how the industry works is somehow satisfied. It also exposes him or her to the wide world of opportunities within the microcosm that is fashion. It is not unusual nowadays for ordinary people to somehow interact with industry members and insiders, primarily because of Twitter as well as Facebook.

Certainly, the playing field has been spread out evenly. As I’ve said, the web certainly made fashion more democratic. Anyone who has a blog can easily be part of the posse. It seems every detail of the industry (from the designers, models, publications, photographers, etc.) has at least one site that is dedicated to it. Of course, this isn’t limited to just blogs; YouTube is quickly becoming a suitable platform in which the fashion-conscious can share their interests (I will go further into detail with that aspect soon in another entry). With the internet it seems, fashion goes beyond the realm of plain aspiration; to some, living the dream just became a whole lot easier.


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12 responses to “Fashion goes digital

  • Noemi

    Couldn’t agree more!! Btw, interesting inspiration you have here. 😉

    • Zid

      Thank you! Sir Barry did say to try and be creative. Fashion is something that is very close to my heart so I decided to use that as my overall theme. 🙂

  • masquepasa

    Indeed. 🙂 Without the Internet, I wouldn’t be able to follow TopShop, Dior, and Burberry on Facebook. Just a few of the many. Haha! 🙂 But it was a very strategic use of the internet. Not only do they impart knowledge about their styles, they also can get direct feedback from their followers what for them is “in” and “out.”

    • Zid

      It taps into their target market even more. What is great is that it somehow encourages consumers to become more loyal to the brands that they follow and possibly interact with. It’s great knowing that these labels do care about their customers and that by going online, they’re extending their reach to them. 🙂

  • kitsatwork

    What’s amazing about the strategy of fashion going digital is that the established brands are not just limited to accessing their target markets only. They internet has allowed them to instill and fuel brand loyalty with the rest of the consumers too (which is a good thing) because the Internet transcends age, social class, and location.

    Btw, I’m also a fan of The Sartorialist. 🙂

    • Zid

      It’s a great marketing strategy because they can create new fans and potential customers of the brand. 🙂 And yes, Scott Schuman is amazing.

  • shakennotstirred007

    Talk about information at the tip of your fingers. With your blog post, I am charmed indeed. Because it tells me when looking up for a couturier for a tailor-made dinner tuxedo, no need to fret looking for a bloody phonebook. Darn those cumbersome yellow pages.It’s even heavier than my gun. So fashion-backward.

    By the way, I was rude for not introducing myself. The name is Gamboa. Earl Gamboa. 😉

  • Pattydc

    Weee~ I discovered new fashion sites thanks to you.

    I’m not a fan of fashion as you are but I like looking at sites like Lookbook and the Satorialist for inspiration. It’s sort of a philosophy of mine to always look presentable when I go out of the house. So having different looks and mix and matching different articles of clothing is certainly a must. Thanks to the internet we can get tips and inspiration from people all over the world. Kudos to the Internet for making fashion accessible.

    • Zid

      I learned a lot more about fashion thanks to the internet. It really helps when you’re passionate about something and you need something to satisfy that passion. 😉

  • minaohh95

    Not only did the internet help people expose to fashion around the world, it also helped people talk about fashion to the world. I love fashion and plan on going into is as a career so it should be an intersting road….lol

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